Privacy Policy at Dwyers Toyota

Dwyers - Our Privacy Policy is changing

Your privacy is important to us. That’s why we have a strict Privacy Policy in place to keep your information safe. The Privacy Act was recently changed – so from 15 December 2017 our Privacy Policy will be changing too.

What’s changing?

We’re updating our policy to include more information on:

  • How we collect and handle your personal information, including collecting information from your dealings with us and from publicly available sources, so we can serve you better.
  • Who we exchange your information with, such as our Trading Partner franchises and vehicle manufacturers, Government agencies i.e. ATO, SRO, Vic Roads etc.  and organisations that help identify and validate illegal activities and prevent fraud.
  • Our inclusion as a Toyota Dealer in the OneToyota Network
  • When we may send your information to a third party provider and whether this is overseas and to which countries
  • How you can access and correct your information, and how you can complain about a breach of our privacy obligations.

These changes will apply whenever we collect, use or exchange your information, so it’s important for you to be aware of them.

There are also government laws which require or authorise us to collect your information, such as requirements for Vehicle Luxury Taxes, GST etc…, these are covered under the State & Federal Taxation Administration Act and the income Tax Assessment Act.